Christophe Raimbault

Jordi Valbuena

2 à 9 joueurs

à partir de 10 ans.

40 minutes.

Sortie en Novembre 2021.

Français, Anglais, Allemand, Espagnol

Colt Express : Big Box


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L’expérience Colt Express… TOTALE

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The base game, the two expansions, and an additional bandit!


(Re)Discover the fun of Colt Express and its 3D train, the one and only Wild West board game in which all shots are allowed to become the richest outlaw.

Play a Wild West Bandit in for the money OR the Marshal, Samuel Ford, for law and honor. Plan your attack or the defense of the train by playing Action Cards depending on who you play. If you’re a Bandit, go from Car to Car to rob the passengers and the other Bandits..

Experience a new game each time by combining the various contents of the game.

What’s in this Big Box?

This Big Box contains Colt Express the base game as well as the many modules of the two expansions that you can add to this base game depending on your wishes. You will also find an additional new bandit.

Silk, the new bandit…

… For whom you can choose power !

  You can choose one of the three following special powers… or make up your own power :
  • Move power : Move 1 or 2 Cars, whether you are inside the train or on the roof.
  • Dodge power : Give to the player of your choice the Neutral Bullet you get when you encounter a Lawman (Marshal or Shotgun) and then change positions as specified in the rulebook.
  • Block power : You block the rear door entrance. No other Character (Bandit or Marshal) can enter that Car through the rear door.

The Old West, a 3D train, Bandits ready to rob all the passengers, the Marshal to thwart their plans, horses and a stagecoach launched at full speed, prisoners, hostages…