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Ludonaute is a board game publisher founded in 2010 by Anne-Cécile and Cédric Lefebvre, a couple of passionate gamers and game designers. Initially based in Istres in the south of France, our company is now based in Nontron in the Dordogne and two new people have joined the team, Bruno and Manon. Each year, we publish a small number of board or card games, which take months of development and research to produce the best possible playable object.



The themes of our games are an invitation to travel to mythical, imaginary or exotic worlds. Themes and mechanisms are perfectly matched to give players an exciting and unforgettable gaming experience. We pay attention to the quality of the contents and the art of our games, because they are full part of the pleasure.


Four people work full-time at Ludonaute. In addition to this core group, other external contributors (authors, illustrators, graphic artists, designers, etc.) are involved in the creation of each project.

Anne-Cécile Lefebvre

Administrative officer

I love playing games because each time I live a different story. The theme, and moreover the feelings a game generates is the most important to me. I want to be embarked on an adventure with board games, in the same way a book can do.

Cédric Lefebvre

Président et Chef de projet

I like all kinds of games.

What I love in my job is to be able to make very various things such as developing games, thinking about the economical and technical constraints on the contents, talking with the artists about my views on a game… For me working is playing.

Bruno Chevalier

Business Manager

What drives me is quite simple: I like playing, with my daughters, with my wife or friends, family games, kids games, expert games…

So for a business manager, when you like what you sell, you cannot do nothing else but enjoy your job.

Manon du Plessis

Communication Manager

With eclectic tastes and a cheerful personality, I love to play all types of games as long as I have a good time with my loved ones.

I always have a game or two in the trunk of my car, you never know… My preference goes logically to party or strategic games so that we can laugh or argue a little.

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