The case has to be solve!

  • Cymon Kraft

  • Cédric Lefebvre

  • 14 years old and up

  • 2 up to 8

  • 30 minutes

  • May 2012

  • Solt out

Every detective novel fan is dying to get to the bottom of the truth, to solve the case before the hero of the story.

In an anonymous city of the U.S.A., a horrible death just happened. YOU are the detectives in charge.

Principle of the game

Crimebox – Investigation is a narrative and deduction game.

With the same contents, two ways of playing are possible:

The investigation (for 2 up to 6 players): solve the murder case, all together or individually, using the evidence you collect during the game. Will you show enough logic and imagination to find out the guilty party?

The trial (for 4 to 8 players): act as a lawyer in charge of  making the case for one of the suspect or the prosecutor who has to make someone convicted of the murder, alone or with your team. Be convincing. Do not forget any details, think up all the possible stories and be the winner of the legal proceedings!


132 cards


A unique game that tells a new story each time.

Crimebox Paranormal is an expansion for Crimebox Investigation. The theme of this game is« Strange facts »: a cristal ball, a voodoo doll, a ghost train, a crypt, here are exemples of cards you can find in this box. From now on, your investigations will be tinged with supernatural… Will you be able to keep a cool head in front of such mysteries?

This small box offers you 66 cards:

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