Colt Express: Bandits

A new story for each Bandit!

  • Christophe Raimbault

  • Jordi Valbuena

  • 10 years old and up

  • 2 to 5

  • 40 minutes

  • September 2018

  • Horses&Stagecoach

  • Marshal&Prisoners

The principle of each one of these mini-expansions is to make the game play one Bandit.

A new story is told each time, since every expansion offers a specific purpose and new actions for the Bandit played by the game.

That Bandit may win, and in that case, all the players loose the game. Thus you need to work together against this “bot”. But do not forget that there is only one winner at the end: the richest Bandit, of course.

Each one of these expansions can be used with the base game Colt Express only. They are not compatible with each other, nor with any other expansions.

What if your opponents are not only your friends but also the game itself…


  • 8 Action cards
  • 7 Jewel tokens

The Gold Digger

Belle has always had a thing with jewels. Beware she may charm you to pinch yours…

Belle moves always towards the place where there are the most jewels.

She makes all the other Bandits move towards her location and steals a Jewel to each of them.

Even the Marshal has a crush on Belle. She can stay at the same place where he is, without fleeing nor getting shot.


  • 8 Action cards
  • 6 Poisoned Arrow cards
  • 6 Antidote tokens

The one who makes your life a misery

Cheyenne moves faster than anyone, and when she steals money, she takes a Purse from all the other Bandits.

Cheyenne has swapped her Colt for a bow. Beware, she’s a better shot with her arrows, especially as they are poisoned…

If you are shot with a Poisoned Arrow, you cannot win anymore, unless you get an Antidote before the end of the game.


  • 8 Action cards
  • 5 Dynamite tokens
  • 12 Ejection tokens

The man with a dynamite

Django shoots everything in sight. He can target several Bandits at once, and then give several Bullets in one Fire.

Django has always had a soft spot for Dynamite. He erratically drops sticks of dynamite in Cars.

He is able to make them explode all at once. Thus all the Bandits who are in the wrong place at the wrong time are ejected.

If he succeeds in ejecting every Bandit from the train at least once, Django wins the game.


  • 8 Action cards
  • 1 Doc’s Respect card
  • 6 Special Bullet cards
  • 6 Stake tokens
  • 1 Purse token

The Poker player

To get Doc’s respect is not easy: you need to reach him (through a fire or a punch). But if you are able to do it, you will make all decisions in Doc’s place… until another Bandit gets his Respect.

Doc is also a crack poker player. If he drags you in a poker game, you may win or loose a lot….

Thanks to the stacks he is used to win, Doc can easily be the richest Bandit. He is not called the smartest one for no reason.


  • 8 Action cards
  • 1 Special Suitcase token

Nothing but the suitcase!

Ghost has always dreamed of getting this valuable suitcase! But he is sharp as a tack, he might get his way…

Ghost always moves towards the special suitcase.

When Ghost shoots, he hits all the Bandits in the line of sight and makes them loose the special suitcase, if they have it.

If, at the end of the game, Ghost has the special suitcase in his possession, he automatically wins the game.


  • 8 Action cards
  • 6 Bullet cards
  • 6 Wanted tokens

The enemy of my enemy

Tuco does not want to meet the Marshal, his former friend against whom he bears a grudge.

If you manage to make the Marshal and Tuco meet, you earn a $500 bonus.

Tuco takes it out on his opponents, but shooting everybody in line of sight. He has 2 full magazines.

Tuco’s loot at the end of the game is of $250 per bullet he has shot.