CIV – Carta Impera Victoria

Offense is sometimes the best defense!

  • Rémi Amy

  • Christopher Matt

  • 8 years old and up

  • 2 to 4

  • 20 minutes

  • March 2018

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The civilization game in 104 cards.

Develop you own nation by playing tactics and diplomacy. In one of the six Domains – Military, Religion, Economy, Science, Culture and Utopia – be the first to reach hegemony.

To do that, you must combine your cards’ effects and keep an eye on your opponents. Don’t forget that this is a race! Forming a temporary alliance might be the best option to prevent another player to triumph.

Make History by being the first to get 7 cards in a Domain.

The goal of the game

To win immediately, you must have at the end of your turn 7 cards in a single Domain (or 8 cards in a 2-player game).

If the deck runs out of cards before a player can win that way, the player who has the majority in most Domains wins.

Playing the game

On your turn, you play a card from your hand and place it in your play area.

Then you may apply any effects available in the order of your choice: permanent effects and discard effects.

Last, draw up to your hand size.

The cards are spread in six Domains.







For each Domain, you can trigger:

  • one permanent effect, if you have the required number of cards in this Domain in your play area.
  • one discard effect, when you discard one card of this Domain from your play area.

Example with Religion

  • Permanent effect (Holy book)

As long as you have at least 2 Religion cards in your play area (in a 4-player game), your hand size is of 5 cards instead of 3.


  • Discard effect (Inquisition)

Discard one Religion card from your play area. Then choose a player and take all cards from their hand into your hand. Choose the cards you want to keep and give them back the same number of cards you took from them.

Culture‘s effect works differently than other effect. You can copy a permanent effect from any player’s play area. But you are allowed to apply this effect only if you have more Culture cards in your play area than any other player. To show that, take the Culture coin and place it in front of you.

Pièce Majorité en Art - Carta Impera Victoria

A race to hegemony, full of pitfalls!

Your opponents are watching over your advance as you’re supervising theirs. You should use the cards’ effects at the right time, to speed up your headway or slow down their progress.

End of game

Hegemony victory

If a player has 7 cards of a single Domain (or 8 cards in 2-player game), the game ends immediately. That player wins the game.


Majority victory

Another case: the game ends after a player draws the last card of the deck. Each player scores one point for each Domain in which they have the majority. The player with the most points wins.


  • 4 Reference boards
  • 1 Culture coin
  • 104 cards, spread across 3 Ages and 6 Domains

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