25 August 2014

Game designers take part in the Expedition

How? Why? Who?

Lewis & Clark, the Expedition was released 10 months ago. We decided to celebrate the occasion of its presence at Gen Con and its first anniversary by publishing 4 promo cards.
And since all the historical characters have already been used in the base game, we turned to board games world celebrities we particularly like. We asked them to allow us to create a card of their name, which effect would be in connection with their work. They do us the honor of accepting and we thank them warmly for the pleasure they give us (you).
The first card will be available in Essen Spiel’14, at our booth. You just need to ask with a big smile. The three other cards will be distributed via Asmodée US in board games stores by the end of the year. All these promo cards will be available later via BGG store or la boutique Tric Trac.

Cédrick Chaboussit

goodies card.indd

Change any space in front of your Scout into a Mountain space if it is a River space, or into a River space if it is a Mountain. Use the Additional Route tokens to do it.
As the game designer, Cédrick has the right to change the route as he wishes.

Uwe Rosenberg

goodies card.indd

Place one primary ressource from your boats on this card. At the end of your next Camp phase, after your Camp token has joined your Scout, take it back on your boats with one extra resource of the same type from the stock.
This action can be performed several times with various resources (e.g. you activate this action 3 times and then place 1 fur and 2 wood on the card. After your next Camp phase you will get 1 extra fur and 2 extra wood from the stock).
You may have recognize the reference to Agricola mechanism.

Antoine Bauza et Bruno Cathala

goodies card.indd

Take randomly from the stocks 2 primary resources per player. (If it is a 3-player game, take 6 primary resources of your choice ; e.g. 2 wood, 3 fur and 1 food). Then keep up to 2 resources for you (place them on your boats), then give the remaining resources to the player of your choice. This player can take up to 2 resources for him among the remaining ones. Then he gives the remaining resources to the player of his choice who has not got resources yet. The latter chooses the 1 or 2 resources he wants to keep and so on.
Please… make me a planet!

Martin Wallace

goodies card.indd

Move your Scout 2 spaces backwards on the route. Then get 1 Canoe or 1 Horse from the stock. You cannot move your Scout further than Saint Louis.
Borrow and succeed, one of the lesson of Wallace’s games, right?

12 August 2014
After players’ feedbacks, we found that a “hang back and tech up” strategy could be played. This runs counter the “game spirit”. We decided to add the rule below (last step of the Camp phase). This solves the problem.

When you set up your Camp, if your Scout is on the last space of the route (5 steps downriver from Saint Louis), then get rid of all the resources and all the Indians (to the Pow Wow area) that are on your boats. Discard all the Encountered Character cards you may have recruited since the beginning of the game.
However get back the starting character cards you may have discarded.
19 May 2014

About being visible

A great surprise has made me smile since this morning. SOS Titanic has been highly recommended by Spiel des Jahres 2014 Jury. This news makes us so happy. We had never considered it possible.
Spiel de Jahres announcement


The German Jury made us a great gift. Thumbs up to Bruno and Ludovic. It brings our game SOS Titanic to light again. Despite the game had great reviews since it was released, it went quite unnoticed among all the released games. So, we are very happy today!
With Lewis & Clark nominee to the French award “As d’Or” and The Little Prince big success, we have to admit that the year 2013 has been a great turning point for Ludonaute.


Working on reprints takes a big part of our time. Thus 2014 will see less Ludonaute novelties. We shall release only one game this year: Colt Express designed by Christophe Raimbault. But originality and quality will no doubt characterize this game as well. We do not want to desappoint your expectations :-).

16 May 2014

Our webshop does not sell games but offers you promos and extra.
You can find there stickers for the resources of Lewis & Clark.
Something new: table mats for The Little Prince and SOS Titanic.


boutique en ligne

9 April 2014

A gaming event

We hope to see you in Valence, during the upcoming week-end the 12th and 13th of April at the 5th edition of the Festival du jeu.
The programm
Games demos
Come and play our latest releases: Lewis & Clark, Le Petit prince, SOS Titanic

boite3D V2boite3D-SOS-Titanicboite3D

A prototype
In a preview showing, you can test Colt Express, our next release, scheduled in October. You feel like a Bandido. Then come and launch the train robbery!


Un défi


All along the two days, we shall invite you to challenge other teams in SOS Titanic. The party who will save the higher number of Passengers will be given a survival kit with a Scoring book, a playmat and a lifebuoy.

Where?: Parc des expositions de Valence
When?: Saturday 12th april from 14h to 20h
and sunday 13th april from 10 h to 19 h
Free entrance and parking!

Affiche Festival Valence 2014

Affiche Festival Valence 2014

19 March 2014

New print now available

Here we are! The new copies of Lewis & Clark have just been delivered to Asmodée France and Asmodée Benelux this morning. They are now on their way to game stores in France and Belgium.

boite3D V2

Trucks are also carrying various versions of the game (English, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish) throughout Europe. You will find it available next week in your native language. :-)

Lastly, in the USA and English-speaking Canada, the game had a confidential distribution in last December. This time, it will be widely available thanks to Asmodée US.

One final word: Go West !