19 May 2014

About being visible

A great surprise has made me smile since this morning. SOS Titanic has been highly recommended by Spiel des Jahres 2014 Jury. This news makes us so happy. We had never considered it possible.
Spiel de Jahres announcement


The German Jury made us a great gift. Thumbs up to Bruno and Ludovic. It brings our game SOS Titanic to light again. Despite the game had great reviews since it was released, it went quite unnoticed among all the released games. So, we are very happy today!
With Lewis & Clark nominee to the French award “As d’Or” and The Little Prince big success, we have to admit that the year 2013 has been a great turning point for Ludonaute.


Working on reprints takes a big part of our time. Thus 2014 will see less Ludonaute novelties. We shall release only one game this year: Colt Express designed by Christophe Raimbault. But originality and quality will no doubt characterize this game as well. We do not want to desappoint your expectations :-).

16 May 2014

Our webshop does not sell games but offers you promos and extra.
You can find there stickers for the resources of Lewis & Clark.
Something new: table mats for The Little Prince and SOS Titanic.


boutique en ligne

9 April 2014

A gaming event

We hope to see you in Valence, during the upcoming week-end the 12th and 13th of April at the 5th edition of the Festival du jeu.
The programm
Games demos
Come and play our latest releases: Lewis & Clark, Le Petit prince, SOS Titanic

boite3D V2boite3D-SOS-Titanicboite3D

A prototype
In a preview showing, you can test Colt Express, our next release, scheduled in October. You feel like a Bandido. Then come and launch the train robbery!


Un défi


All along the two days, we shall invite you to challenge other teams in SOS Titanic. The party who will save the higher number of Passengers will be given a survival kit with a Scoring book, a playmat and a lifebuoy.

Where?: Parc des expositions de Valence
When?: Saturday 12th april from 14h to 20h
and sunday 13th april from 10 h to 19 h
Free entrance and parking!

Affiche Festival Valence 2014

Affiche Festival Valence 2014

19 March 2014

New print now available

Here we are! The new copies of Lewis & Clark have just been delivered to Asmodée France and Asmodée Benelux this morning. They are now on their way to game stores in France and Belgium.

boite3D V2

Trucks are also carrying various versions of the game (English, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish) throughout Europe. You will find it available next week in your native language. :-)

Lastly, in the USA and English-speaking Canada, the game had a confidential distribution in last December. This time, it will be widely available thanks to Asmodée US.

One final word: Go West !


18 March 2014

Public reward


Last week-end, the games festival of Saint-Herblain took place, near Nantes. The major gaming event lasted two weeks in various locations of the city, and ended with a full gaming week-end.

On this occasion, the Double 6 prize was annouced. The public of the festival gave this award by voting and criticizing the games selection during a couple of months, in dozens of “game points” in the region.

Doublesix014-Bleu copie

A panel of game experts, the ALF (Frenhc Toy Library Association) and the Maison des jeux de Nantes selected six games in December 2013. ” This selection gathers French designers’ new games, aimed to casual gamers.” explains Bertrand Ollivier, in charge of the Toy Library of Saint-Herblain.

The six games in the running were:
The Little Prince of Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala
Gentlemen cambrioleurs of Catherine Dumas, Charles Chevallier and Pascal Pellemans
Tokaïdo of Antoine Bauza
Phantom Society of Hervé Marly and Frédéric Colombier
Pan t’es mort of Lutche
Concept of Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot


Congrats to the two designersBruno Cathala et Antoine Bauza for this award. And a warm thanks to Bruno, who is the best ambassador for his games ever. ;-)

18 February 2014

Our Festival program


Like every year, we shall attend the “Festival International des Jeux de Cannes” from February 27th to March 2nd. It is an inevitable meeting, our favourite time in the year. We are looking forward to meet you there. At our booth, you can play Crimebox Investigation, SOS Titanic, Lewis & Clark, The Little Prince and Colt Express. We, YOU, are expecting three unforgettable days of fun and games…



Saturday 1st of March, from 10:00 to 1:00 a.m., our booth will move in the North Atlantic, backwards of 100 years in time. The first official tournament of SOS Titanic will take place. You may already know this co-op game designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc. The goal is to save as many passengers as possible. You are a trained and efficient team or you like co-op games… Then take up the challenge, gather your team of 4 brave seamen, come on board and face five other teams. For each member of the winning team, prize includes a SOS Titanic table cloth and 2 Ludonaute games.
To sign up, please email us at contact@ludonaute.fr with the object “Tournoi SOS Titanic de Cannes” giving the name of the 4 members as well as the name of your team .


On Sunday March 2nd, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m., the little Prince invites you to make the prettiest planet for him. A tournament of The Little Prince – make me a planet will take place with 25 entrants maximum. There will be two rounds: a qualifying round and finals. The Little prince miniatures, table clothes and games are prizes to win.
To sign up, please email us at contact@ludonaute.fr with the object “Tournoi Petit Prince de Cannes” giving your name.

Meeting game designers


Lewis & Clark,’s designer, Cédrick Chaboussit will be present each afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.. He is ready to challenge the experienced gamers you are to his own game. Three special games of Lewis & Clark will take place with Cédrick Chaboussit. Those who win him will gain his full respect (and Ludonaute games too).

badge FB

Warning! There are only 9 seats (3 per game). Register by sending us an email at contact@ludonaute.fr with the object “Défi Lewis & Clark” your name and the day you are available.

AntoineBauza BrunoCathala LudovicMaublanc

The three game designers Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc will be present for a signing session of The Little Prince and SOS titanic on saturday morning from 10:30.



Our upcoming game, that will be released in Fall 2014, is named Colt Express. It is designed by Christophe Raimbault, the author of Sandwich, a game published by Repos Prod. This new game drives you in the Old West in 1890-1900′s. You are outlaws, attacking a train. Your goal: to draw and fire, quicker than the other people and to amass gold.
A game lasts about 30 minutes, for 3 up to 6 players.


“Blondie : [counting Angel Eyes' men] One, two, three, four, five, and six. Six, the perfect number.
Sentenza : I thought three was the perfect number.
Blondie : I’ve got six more bullets in my gun.”
Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), written by Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Leone