A clever game where you can draw anything you want... Except the answer!

Pick… Draw… Show… Guess

WHAT’S MISSING? is a game of imagination and art in which you have to draw so that your friends can guess a picture. But instead of drawing the actual picture you will draw everything around it, you will try to place it in its environment, to contextualize, to associate to an idea or a concept! If you want to win, being smart is more important than being a good artist. This game is interactive, creative, dynamic and brings emotions.

WHAT’S MISSING? is composed of three difficulty levels of cards which represent all kinds of things such as objects, real or fantastic animals, fruits, vegetables, characters like a samurai or a zombie, musical instruments… Your goal is to create the most obvious and simple connection between the image that you just picked and your drawing. You’ve understood, it is not to be Picasso or Rembrandt but to be the smartest. And it is in your interest as if nobody can find the image you lose the card plus a card that has already been won. To win you must be the player with the highest number of cards at the end of the game…

The game is interactive, creative and above all it brings emotion! You are proud when you discover your hard level card and immediately have the idea of the century. You are under pressure when you’re the last player to draw and that everyone else starts counting down to 0. Then you are happy when it is your turn to reveal your masterpiece or downright baffled when nobody guesses the image and there are even some mockery on your drawing talent. Fun is guaranteed with this game!

The goal of the game

Pick a card from the pile in the center of the table and place it beneath the transparent sheet of your sketch pad without anyone seeing it. You have to make other players guess the image shown on your card.

Draw anything you want except the image. You can draw all kinds of elements that will help to place it in context, complete it, link it to an idea or a concept. You do not have the right to copy the image, to write letters or numbers.

Remove the card without showing it, only the lines of your drawing remain.

Show your masterpiece to other players. They will speak out loud whatever comes to their mind. You can only answer with “no”, “almost” and “yes”! Whoever finds what is missing from your drawing wins your card. If nobody finds, you must discard a card that has already been won if that was the case.

Guess the missing image on other players’ drawing. To win the game which takes place in 7 rounds, you must be the one with the most cards.

Pick a new card.