Julien Prothière

Sébastien Caiveau

2 to 4 players

from 12yo

60 minutes.

Released on 30 septembre 2022.

Français, Anglais, Allemand, Espagnol



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- Resources and others -
You only have one mission: save as many Humans as possible going down the Great River to Letea. The journey promises to be difficult, the territories to cross will be hostile, you know that some will die there, but you are confident, you believe in your faculties of Precognition.
In a post-apocalyptic world, play a Prescient, an Ymune gifted with the power of precognition. Going down the Great River, explore the banks to rescue contaminated Humans, to hire Ymune Doctors to treat them, or Ymune Protectors to protect the boat from the banes to come. Try also to collect Batteries to activate the Machine rooms, or Food to feed the new healthy Humans... In Precognition, you must truly see the future to win the game. That comes from understanding a new card mechanism: the Dual Select System. In addition to being innovative, the Dual Select System fits perfectly with the theme because, among the two cards that you will let pass, one of them will come back to you on the next turn. You have 12 turns to make the right choices.

Who among you, Prescients,

will be able to anticipate the best combinations to

save the most Humans?

Tal Defitia
Tal Defitia
Tal Terias
Tal Terias
Tal Pria
Tal Pria

A new game mechanism:

the Dual Select System

  You play with 4 cards each round: in your hand, 2 cards that you have drawn and in your Decision Zone, 2 cards face up given last round by the player sitting on your left. You must choose 2 cards that will be played during this turn:
  • 1 of the 4 cards for you,
  • 1 of the 2 cards face up in your Decision Zone for the player on your left.
Put the 2 remaining cards, face up, in the Decision Zone of the player on your right. That means one of those 2 cards will come back to you next round. You activate the cards in your Action Zone: the card you chose AND the card the player on your right chose for you.

The game

Goal of the game


Your goal is to have the most Healthy Humans at the end of the game. To keep the Humans you take in while working your way downstream, you will need Food, Doctors to treat them and Protectors to fight the Banes you’ll encounter. Good luck!


Game Turn


The game is played over 12 rounds. A round consists of 3 distinct phases. Each phase must be done by all the players at the same time.

I - Decision phase (secret): draw and choose cards according to the Dual Select System.

II - Action phase: Activate your cards to earn resources. If any of your powered machines can be used, benefit from its effects.

III - Maintenance phase : manage your Banes if you have suffer any, heal all possible contaminated Humans and move forward on the Great River from which you reveal and apply the event of the River tile.

At the end of a round, move forward by flipping over the River tile in front of the Progress pawn to discover the end-of-turn event. Each player applies that event’s effect. Every three rounds, it is the end of a season and it is when you feed the new healed Humans. Make sure you have enough food for everyone.


End of the Game


At the end of the third season, after feeding the Healthy Humans you have saved, count them. The player with the most Healthy Humans wins the game. If tied, the player with the most Healthy Humans and Contaminated Humans wins the game. If players are still tied, they share the victory.

Three different game modes

Precognition has three game modes, competitive, team and cooperative to vary the moods and interactions between players.

The competitive mode: it's everyone for themselves 

This game mode involves a subtle monitoring of the game of your opponents. You must be careful to choose well :

  • the card you give to your opponent on your left,
  • the cards you let pass because only one of them will come back to you on the next turn, the other could be played by your opponent on the right,
  • the card you play this turn that will be combined with one of the two cards visible to your opponent on the right...

Also, you only have 24 cards to achieve the best strategy, knowing that you know the type of cards you will draw for each season. It's up to you to adapt your game to these probabilities.

The team mode: help or hinder... It's up to you!

This game mode can only be played with 4 players. Depending on your position around the table, you will have a well-established role within your team.

You can be the one who will play to help your team or to hinder the opposing team. The communication is not allowed, you have to read the game of your team.
The cooperative mode: all in the same team, but not in the same boat!

All players team up to achieve the Objectives set during each season. There are 2 types of Objectives :

  • Objectives requiring only 1 player to have the specified Resources;
  • Objectives requiring each player to have the specified Resources.

You have 2 new options during the Action phase. You can reveal an Objective tile of the ongoing season AND you can use the Resources shown on an Objective tile, revealed during this turn of a previous one, to mitigate its effect.

At the end of a season, if one or more Objectives is not completed, the game is immediately lost. If there are all completed, the game goes on. To win you must also, depending on the number of players, have healed a certain number of Humans.


Availability: 2 in stock