It’s time for songs and stories.

  After rummaging through the Nukha’s den and meeting the Nomads, the six adventurers have explored the city of Kokota. Now the Nomads are guiding you on this journey through the mountains of Luma. At night fall, the Nomads set up camp and gather around the campfire for storytelling. The great shaman invited our heroes to taste a strange potion that makes you feel like you are in two distinct places at the same time. Listening to captivating songs, they will be involved body and mind in the inconsistent stories that are told around the camp fire…      
Goal of the game By collecting story fragments, you try to chronicle the Legends of the Nomads. The adventurer with the most complete legends is the winner. But be careful: isolated fragments are worthless. They can even cause some confusion and make you lose points.
    Playing the game You are one of the five adventurers: Moon, Siana, Red, Ulrich or Nostromo. Lys is a non-played character in this title. At your turn, you have two options :  
  • moving around the fire, as in mancala game, to listen to stories and collect the tiles you are interested in;
    • To do so, choose a pile of discs,
    • then drop the discs one by one next to each space on the board. If you end your movement on Lys position, take any tile you want immediately.
    • Then all the adventurers whose discs are on the top of a pile after the movement take the corresponding Story tile.
  • or discard the collected tiles to get a Legend card or a Song card, which give you points at the end of the game.
The number of tiles you discard give you access to more or less worthy Legend cards. If you discard all different tiles, you gain a Song, but you can do this only once per game.  
Critical time management
  Opal Moon tiles are in the piles of tiles on the board. When someone collects them, they are placed on the Moon chart. When the Moon is full, you check which player has the most points at this moment of the game. The leading player gets 3 of the 4 Moon tiles. The second ranked player takes the fourth Moon tile. There may happen up to 3 Moon rise during the game. You cannot afford to miss them all. Thus you must pay attention to your opponents and try to take the lead at the right moment.    
End of the game The game ends when there are only one or two piles of tiles on the board. The players add the points written on the Legend and Songcards they gain during the game with the number of Moon tiles they have. For each Story tile they still have, they lose one point. The player with the higher score wins the game.
  • 1 game board with its camp fire
  • 28 Legend cards
  • 4 Song cards
  • 12 Opal Moon tiles
  • 98 Story tiles
  • 2 Wild tiles
  • 19 wooden discs
  • 5 Adventurer cards
  • 1 Lys token

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