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Colt Express - Happy 10th Anniversary

A box full of surprises for new and existing fans of Colt Express: beautiful components and mini-expansions add to the fun.

To play with this expansion, you need the Colt Express base game.

Christophe Raimbault

Jordi Valbuena

2 to 7 players

10 years old and up

40 minutes

October 2024

English, French, Spanish




Press Review


This box was designed to delight Colt Express fans! It brings original content and exclusive, high-quality game elements, such as wooden screen-printed pawns and tokens, as well as two new bandits to play with even more players. 


It's the perfect box to give (or to treat yourself to) for all Colt Express fans!

What's in this box?

The Circus car

Slide up and down the giraffe's neck to change floors, or search the clown's chests.

The Handcar

Hide underneath the train and pop up wherever you like, or send your opponents flying to the roof of the train.

Screen-printed Loot tokens and Character figures

Replace your cardboard tokens with these beautiful, sturdy wooden ones.

Two new bandits

Al Patron, The king of corruption & Mary Pumpinks, An automated Bandit that adds an adorable opponent to the game.

Special Punch cards

The bandit targeted by a special Punch card is not moved to an adjacent train car, but changes floors instead.