Antoine Bauza & Bruno Cathala

Marie Cardouat

2 à 5 joueurs

à partir de 7 ans.

30 minutes.

Sortie le 13 mai 2022.

Français, Anglais, Espagnol,


1001 Islands


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Construisez votre île et faites-nous rêver avec vos incroyables trouvailles…

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Explore, dream and find the hidden treasures you need !

You, children of Sinbad, set yourselves a new challenge to explore the 1001 islands and find the treasures of your father, this great sailor. You've been dreaming of elephants, fennecs, Rokhs birds and other exotic animals, magnificent gems and magic lamps since you were kids, listening to countless travel stories.... It's your turn to travel the green islands but beware, beware of the bandits who roam and do not forget that you only have three wishes with the magic lamps...

1001 Islands is a tile selection and distribution game in which you will try to score as many points as possible by matching your Dream tiles and your Island tiles as best as possible.


 « Which of you will be able to create the most incredible island? » 



Goal of the game


The goal is to have the most points at the end of the game. Here's how:

• The 4 Dream tiles you chose during the game will give you points depending on the elements visible on your Island at the end of the game.

• Try to have matching Dream and Island tiles. For example, having a Fennec Fox Dream tile is useless if there are no Fennec Foxes on your Island tiles.

• Pairing a Rokh Bird with its huge Egg or having Palm Trees will always earn you points.

• Bandits are your worst nightmare. Have too many of them and you will lose points.

• Your Island can have one or two Magic Lamps. But add a third Magic Lamp and you must immediately flip, Genie face up, the two tiles of your board with a Magic Lamp already on your Island. Elements hidden under flipped tiles will not grant you any points at the end of the game.

A game is played over 16 rounds. Each round, each player adds a tile to their personal board to build their Island or get Dream tiles. After 16 rounds, all boards are complete. The game ends with the scoring of the points.

Gameplay :


  1. Draw as many tiles as there are people playing (4 in the example here)
  2. Keep one to build your Island board

  3. Give the remaining ones to the player of your choice

  4. The last player to receive a tile has no choice but begins the next turn.


Scoring points


Calculate your score by adding :

+ points given by each of your 4 Dream tiles

+1 point for each Palm tree on your Island,

+ 7 points per combo of Egg/Roc Bird on your Island. Roc Birds and Eggs cannot be used for 2 different combos.

— points lost to Bandits. You lose 1 point for each Bandit on their Island if and only if you're the player with the most Bandits.

 « Win the challenge you set with your brothers and sisters by getting the highest score to win the game. Your island is filled with wonders! » 

1001 Islands

Availability: 1 in stock