A big train in your sitting room

For several months, we have been asked about over-sized versions of Colt Express. Indeed we made in 2014 copies of doubled-sized Colt Express for Asmodee and game shows.

We are going to reprint this big version and we make the most of the opportunity to offer it for sale to the fans of Colt Express.

This is a preorder to be paid via Paypal.


After this date, we can’t take your order anymore.

What is it?

We offer you the complete version of the game Colt Express and its expansions, in printed PVC, at twice as big as the classic game.

  • 7 Cars (6 Classic cars + the Prison car) 20 cm x 12 cm
  • 1 Locomotive 25 cm x 12 cm
  • 1 Stagecoach 22 cm x 13 cm
  • 1 Train station to show the Round cards
  • 7 Horses
  • 7 Bandit pawns
  • 1 Marshal pawn
  • 1 Shotgun pawn
  • Loot tokens (Purses, Jewels, Suitcases, Bags)
  • 1 PVC table clothe (200 x 70 cm)
  • the playing cards of the classic game

How to proceed?

The whole over-sized game is sold at the price of  300€, set and packaged in a plastic box.

In addition to the game is the delivery cost :

25€ for metropolitan France

50€ for Europe and France overseas departments

100€ for the rest of the world.


The game will be delivered in April 2017.

Please order your copy via the link below : (choose your destination for delivery)


A new game about The Little Prince

You may already know about the animated feature film The Little Prince, which is due to be release in August in the US and in Q4 2015 world wide.

This movie will certainly draw attention this summer: the director is Mark Osborne (yes, you know him… Kung Fu Panda, sound familiar?)

When we heard about this, we wanted to know more. We met the production company and what they showed us from the film immediately charmed us.

It is about a wonderful and emotional story full of of poetry, a modern and extraordinary story about friendship.

We had to make a game about this  story…

Of course we asked Bruno Cathala and Antoine Bauza , the designers of our first game about the Little Prince, to make a new game.

They answer positively with enthusiasm.

This new game will be named: The Little Prince – Raising to the stars!

It will be release on the 6th of July in France and during Q4 2015 world wide.

As the film, the game aims a large audience: families and casual gamers.

We are now working on the graphics design of the game. It will be shown on the FIJ in Cannes next week.


We wait for you there for an amazing trip to the stars!

2014, a wonderful year for Ludonaute

About being visible

A great surprise has made me smile since this morning. SOS Titanic has been highly recommended by Spiel des Jahres 2014 Jury. This news makes us so happy. We had never considered it possible.
Spiel de Jahres announcement


The German Jury made us a great gift. Thumbs up to Bruno and Ludovic. It brings our game SOS Titanic to light again. Despite the game had great reviews since it was released, it went quite unnoticed among all the released games. So, we are very happy today!
With Lewis & Clark nominee to the French award « As d’Or » and The Little Prince big success, we have to admit that the year 2013 has been a great turning point for Ludonaute.


Working on reprints takes a big part of our time. Thus 2014 will see less Ludonaute novelties. We shall release only one game this year: Colt Express designed by Christophe Raimbault. But originality and quality will no doubt characterize this game as well. We do not want to desappoint your expectations :-).

The Little Prince won the Double 6 award

Public reward


Last week-end, the games festival of Saint-Herblain took place, near Nantes. The major gaming event lastedtwo weeks in various locations of the city, and ended with a full gaming week-end.

On this occasion, the Double 6 prize was annouced. The public of the festival gave this award by voting and criticizing the games selection during a couple of months, in dozens of “game points” in the region.

Doublesix014-Bleu copie

A panel of game experts, the ALF (Frenhc Toy Library Association) and the Maison des jeux de Nantes selected six games in December 2013. ” This selection gathers French designers’ new games, aimed to casual gamers.” explains Bertrand Ollivier, in charge of the Toy Library of Saint-Herblain.

The six games in the running were:
The Little Prince of Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala
Gentlemen cambrioleurs of Catherine Dumas, Charles Chevallier and Pascal Pellemans
Tokaïdo of Antoine Bauza
Phantom Society of Hervé Marly and Frédéric Colombier
Pan t’es mort of Lutche
Concept of Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot


Congrats to the two designersBruno Cathala et Antoine Bauza for this award. And a warm thanks to Bruno, who is the best ambassador for his games ever. ;-)

The Little Prince in Lyon

…. de Saint-Exupéry

An exhibition at Ludopole

Last Friday, the 7th of February, a room dedicated to the Little Prince opened at Ludopole in Lyon. We were there with Antoine Bauza et Bruno Cathala, the two designers of the game.

Next to the entrance of this wonderful place dedicated to Games, you can find now and till the end of March 2014 an exhibition about the game The Little Prince – Make me a planet: a beautiful space set up thanks to the Ludopole team: the game of course, but also videos, posters with quotations, a big 15-puzzle, an illustrated game designer diary, a drawing board (Draw me a ship, please!) and even cuddly foxes and snakes. Find some photos of the place below.




The tournament of the Little prince

On the occasion of the night of games, we set up a small tournament of the Little prince. 25 entrants played in 5 games during the first round, in a friendly atmosphere. Then there was 100% female finals, a more serious moment: a copy of the game signed by the authors and a kiss on the cheak from Bruno Cathala himself were at stake. The final scores: Aneta : 32 points, Lucille : 39 points, Alexandra : 42 points, Marion : 44 points et Clair : 22 points.




Des protos et des hommes

Nous avons eu l’occasion aussi de discuter et de jouer à des quelques prototypes. La CAL (Compagnie des Auteurs Lyonnais) était là en force. Au programme : un drôle de jeu de dés d’Antoine Bauza, les 7 Samurais du même auteur, Troops de Florent Mortier, Madsteam de Gregory Olivier, Voleurs noctures de Frederic Vuagnat, Plic Ploc d’une charmante auteure dont je ne me rappelle plus le nom. Une très belle soirée. Un grand merci à Thierry et Sophie pour leur accueil.