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A trip to Ludofact

The day before yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Ludofact factory, where the main part of our games are made. The company is based in Jettingen, 300 kms South of Frankfurt (Germany). About 100 people work there.

I have been explained the various steps of manufacturing board games, how are made punched boards, boxes, game boards.

Ludofact makes these elements on site. Each pallets of grey card boards sheets are glued, cut, punched…

The playing cards are made in another factory, a few kilometers away from there.

The rest of game contents are supplied by sub-contractors. The assembling of all contents is made on-site.

It happened that it was the day Discoveries was assembled. I could see the game taking shape before my eyes. A great moment in a publisher’s life! !

Assembling line of Discoveries:

The game will be released in Gen Con 2015, and in August in Europe. You will heard about it before this date. Stay tuned! :-)

Des cartes goodies pour Lewis & Clark

Des célébrités du monde du jeu participent à l’Expédition

Comment ? Pourquoi ? Pour qui ?

Cela fait presqu’un an (10 mois exactement) que Lewis & Clark a fait son apparition sur la scène ludique. Nous avons voulu marquer sa présence à la Gen Con ainsi que le premier anniversaire du jeu lors du prochain salon d’Essen en éditant 4 cartes spéciales.
Et puisque les personnages historiques avaient déjà tous été utilisés pour le jeu de base, nous nous sommes tournés vers des personnalités du monde du jeu que nous apprécions particulièrement. Nous leur avons proposé de créer une carte à leur nom, dont l’effet serait un clin d’oeil à leurs mécaniques ludiques. Ils nous ont fait l’honneur d’accepter et nous les remercions du fond du coeur pour le plaisir qu’ils nous (vous) donnent.

La première carte sera disponible à Essen, sur notre stand. Il suffira de venir nous la demander avec un sourire. Les trois autres seront distribuées par Asmodée US aux boutiques américaines d’ici la fin de l’année. Pour ceux qui n’auront pas la chance de participer au Spiel’14 ou d’habiter aux USA, ces goodies seront mis à la disposition des joueurs via BGG store ou la boutique Tric Trac dans les prochains mois.

Cédrick Chaboussit

goodies card.indd

Changez l’une des cases du parcours située devant votre Eclaireur en utilisant les pions Parcours supplémentaires fournis dans la boite du jeu. Vous pouvez ainsi transformer une case de Montagne en case de Rivière et réciproquement.

Cédrick étant le créateur du jeu, il a tout à fait le droit de changer le parcours comme bon lui semble, surtout si cela peut embêter ses adversaires.

Uwe Rosenberg

goodies card.indd

Placez sur cette carte une ressource primaire en provenance d’un de vos bateaux. A la fin de la prochaine phase de campement, après que votre jeton Camp aura rejoint votre Eclaireur, reprenez cette ressource sur vos bateaux ainsi qu’une ressource supplémentaire du même type en provenance du stock. Cette action peut être réalisée plusieurs fois en utilisant des ressources identiques ou différentes.

Vous aurez reconnu ici un petit clin d’oeil à la mécanique de plantation d’Agricola.

Antoine Bauza et Bruno Cathala

goodies card.indd

Prenez, au hasard dans les stocks, 2 ressources primaires par joueur présent autour de la table. (Dans une partie à trois joueurs, prenez 6 ressources primaires : par exemple 2 fourrures, 1 bois et 3 nourritures.) Vous pouvez garder pour vous jusqu’à deux de ces ressources et les placer sur vos bateaux. Puis donnez les ressources restantes au joueur de votre choix, qui peut en garder jusqu’à deux pour lui. Il donne ensuite les ressources restantes au joueur de son choix et ainsi de suite, jusqu’à ce que tous aient été servis.

S’il vous plait… fabrique-moi une planète !

Martin Wallace

goodies card.indd

Reculez votre éclaireur de deux cases sur le parcours et prenez, au choix, un Canoë ou un Cheval dans les stocks. Il est interdit de reculer votre éclaireur en aval de Saint Louis par cette action.

Emprunter pour mieux réussir, une des leçons des jeux de Wallace, non ?

Lewis & Clark : Addendum

After players’ feedbacks, we found that a “hang back and tech up” strategy could be played. This runs counter the “game spirit”.
We decided to add the rule below (last step of the Camp phase). This solves the problem.

When you set up your Camp, if your Scout is on the last space of the route (5 steps downriver from Saint Louis), then get rid of all the resources and all the Indians (to the Pow Wow area) that are on your boats. Discard all the Encountered Character cards you may have recruited since the beginning of the game.

However get back the starting character cards you may have discarded.

2014, a wonderful year for Ludonaute

About being visible

A great surprise has made me smile since this morning. SOS Titanic has been highly recommended by Spiel des Jahres 2014 Jury. This news makes us so happy. We had never considered it possible.
Spiel de Jahres announcement


The German Jury made us a great gift. Thumbs up to Bruno and Ludovic. It brings our game SOS Titanic to light again. Despite the game had great reviews since it was released, it went quite unnoticed among all the released games. So, we are very happy today!
With Lewis & Clark nominee to the French award “As d’Or” and The Little Prince big success, we have to admit that the year 2013 has been a great turning point for Ludonaute.


Working on reprints takes a big part of our time. Thus 2014 will see less Ludonaute novelties. We shall release only one game this year: Colt Express designed by Christophe Raimbault. But originality and quality will no doubt characterize this game as well. We do not want to desappoint your expectations :-).

Valence, French boardgaming event

A gaming event

We hope to see you in Valence, during the upcoming week-end the 12th and 13th of April at the 5th edition of the Festival du jeu.

The programm
Games demos
Come and play our latest releases: Lewis & Clark, Le Petit prince, SOS Titanic

boite3D V2boite3D-SOS-Titanicboite3D

A prototype
In a preview showing, you can test Colt Express, our next release, scheduled in October. You feel like a Bandido. Then come and launch the train robbery!


Un défi


All along the two days, we shall invite you to challenge other teams in SOS Titanic. The party who will save the higher number of Passengers will be given a survival kit with a Scoring book, a playmat and a lifebuoy.

Where?: Parc des expositions de Valence
When?: Saturday 12th april from 14h to 20h
and sunday 13th april from 10 h to 19 h
Free entrance and parking!

Affiche Festival Valence 2014
Affiche Festival Valence 2014

Lewis & Clark are back !

New print now available

Here we are! The new copies of Lewis & Clark have just been delivered to Asmodée France and Asmodée Benelux this morning. They are now on their way to game stores in France and Belgium.

boite3D V2

Trucks are also carrying various versions of the game (English, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish) throughout Europe. You will find it available next week in your native language. :-)

Lastly, in the USA and English-speaking Canada, the game had a confidential distribution in last December. This time, it will be widely available thanks to Asmodée US.

One final word: Go West !


The Little Prince won the Double 6 award

Public reward


Last week-end, the games festival of Saint-Herblain took place, near Nantes. The major gaming event lastedtwo weeks in various locations of the city, and ended with a full gaming week-end.

On this occasion, the Double 6 prize was annouced. The public of the festival gave this award by voting and criticizing the games selection during a couple of months, in dozens of “game points” in the region.

Doublesix014-Bleu copie

A panel of game experts, the ALF (Frenhc Toy Library Association) and the Maison des jeux de Nantes selected six games in December 2013. ” This selection gathers French designers’ new games, aimed to casual gamers.” explains Bertrand Ollivier, in charge of the Toy Library of Saint-Herblain.

The six games in the running were:
The Little Prince of Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala
Gentlemen cambrioleurs of Catherine Dumas, Charles Chevallier and Pascal Pellemans
Tokaïdo of Antoine Bauza
Phantom Society of Hervé Marly and Frédéric Colombier
Pan t’es mort of Lutche
Concept of Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot


Congrats to the two designersBruno Cathala et Antoine Bauza for this award. And a warm thanks to Bruno, who is the best ambassador for his games ever. ;-)

News about Lewis & Clark

They are back and it makes us happy :-)

About reprinting
As you may know, our last game Lewis & Clark is being out of stock of our distributors for about two months. The first print of 3,000 copies we released in Essen fair was sold out very fast.
boite3D V2
We had to re-print the game, but it took a couple of months before launching a new print run: we spent the whole November and December months preparing this new run, contacting our various distribution partners, taking orders, translating rules, working on new files.

We were able to launch the production of 10,000 new copies just before Chinese New Year Eve.  We are glad to tell you today that the containers are on their way to supply stores in Europe and America. Depending on the countries, Lewis & Clark will be available in March 2014.   Globe-terrestreFor this new print run, Lewis & Clark will be available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. You can find the names of our distribution partners in various countries by clicking opposite….. How is this new box?
   We decided to change the box size in order to improve the game’s visibilty in stores and fit to the US standards. The new version is a square box (same size as Ticket to Ride boxes). Each copy has one rules booklet in one language depending on the country. photo-boiteV2L&c  photo-thermoV2L&CWe had to reduce the size of the game board a bit to make it fit to the box and make new punched boards.

We added a plastic tray which allows a better storage of the contents.   The game rules were revised too: new layout and rewriting some confusing points. Eventually, the player Aid cards have been removed. The playing cards will be of better quality. The rest of it is exactly the same as in the first version….. A great thanks to the fans!
   For the last three months, the game has been getting some followers and became quite popular. Despite our small first print run, quickly sold out, we got a lot of enthusiastic feedbacks. Tthrough word of mouth, more people got interested. We are happy to learn that the game is nominee for the Golden Geek award as well as for the “As d’or’, the most famous French game ward. LogoASJeuAn2014nom


2 0 1 4

This year, publish

2  novelties, Ludonaute will. (but it is too early to talk about)

This year, spend

0  day without playing, Ludonaute will. (as you can imagine)

This year, obsessed by

1 thing, Ludonaute will be. (publishing the best games in the world ;-))

This year, cook lots of

4-cheese pizzas we will. (because we just enjoy life!)

To start this year well, we make available online the F.A.Q. for our two last games Lewis & Clark and SOS Titanic. You can find them linked on the dedicated page of each game

Our webshop offers you now to order the sticker sheet promo we distributed in Essen.