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Discoveries is now available!


At the beginning of this month, we attended Gen Con in Indianapolis. Our new game Discoveries was presented in preview.

It was the occasion to gather the team behind the game: Cédrick Chaboussit, Vincent Dutrait et Cédric Lefebvre.

Despite Cédric and Cédrick’s concerns, the public feedbacks were all amazing and the first reviews of the game great.

The fast game flow, the new way to use dice, the artwork are unanimously lauded.

Discoveries is now for sale in Europe and in the US in game shops.


Number of players: 2 to 4

Duration: 40-60 minutes

Retailer recommended price: 35€

Now it’s your turn to enjoy the game!

Colt Express, Spiel des Jahres 2015

We’ve just live an unforgettable moment, a huge emotion and unlimited happiness. Indeed, yesterday in Berlin, Colt Express has been rewarded by the German Game of the Year prize.

With the As d’Or, awarded in Cannes, in February, the prestigious Spiel des Jahres is for our whole team (Ludonaute, Christophe Raimbault, Jordi Valbuena) a recognition.

In a room of the Hotel Kempinski, we gathered with a hundred people (journalists, publishers, game designers), all of them looking forward knowing the winners.

The wait is unsustainable and the Spiel des Jahres association knows how to make attendees become anxious, talking a lot in German, taking time to present every game.

First, the Kenner Spiel des Jahres is rewarded to Broom Service. The game is illustrated by Vincent Dutrait. We are happy for him.

We are a little bit sad for our fellow countrymen, the Space Cowboys.

Then the terrible time comes: the black curtain rises disclosing the winner box.

At this moment, my hear is beating like a drum, I’ve got sweaty palms and a frozen smile. There are two disappointed people and only one winner.

Even if we know that it is already a huge victory to have come this far, nevertheless, at the last minute, we believe we could win.

And suddenly, cries of joy shout and Colt Express yellow box appears, decorated with The red pawn!

What comes next is just a dream, shared with Christophe and Jordi. Kisses, congrats, some tears of joy too… What a wonderful path since the first game of “Pirates de l’Ouest” the prototype Christophe presented us two years ago.

Asmodee Germany team is thrilled. They deserve the reward too: their professionalism in distribution, the passion for the game has given Colt Express a good life in Germany.  We have been working with Carol Rapp and her team for a year now; she patiently explained us about her vision and how the German game market works. It is really a pleasure to have such partners.

A trip to Ludofact

The day before yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Ludofact factory, where the main part of our games are made. The company is based in Jettingen, 300 kms South of Frankfurt (Germany). About 100 people work there.

I have been explained the various steps of manufacturing board games, how are made punched boards, boxes, game boards.

Ludofact makes these elements on site. Each pallets of grey card boards sheets are glued, cut, punched…

The playing cards are made in another factory, a few kilometers away from there.

The rest of game contents are supplied by sub-contractors. The assembling of all contents is made on-site.

It happened that it was the day Discoveries was assembled. I could see the game taking shape before my eyes. A great moment in a publisher’s life! !

Assembling line of Discoveries:

The game will be released in Gen Con 2015, and in August in Europe. You will heard about it before this date. Stay tuned! :-)

Colt Express nominee for the Spiel des Jahres 2015

Each year, the game industry eagerly waits for the selection of the prestigious German jury. Some publishers secretly expect it, some do not even believe in and others are busy speculating about it.

Why so much interest, so much excitement around this prize? Because, in Germany, the Spiel des Jahres is a reference, as the Prix Goncourt can be in France about books. It si a kind of recommendation every German family can follow to fill up Christmas presents list.

This implies for the rewarded game a huge amount of sales, with no possible comparison with the “normal” sales. 300 000 copies sold can be expected…

But the prize is also know world-wide, more than any other game rewards.

The prize exists since 1979. As the game market changes, it evolves along the years, rewarding the best game and the most beautiful game, then the best cooperative game or the dexterity game.

Since 2010, the jury gives 2 rewards: the red Token (Best game) and the black Token (Best Connoisseurs’ game).

There is also a award for the Children game (Kinderspiel – blue Token), given by another jury, during a different ceremony.

The Spiel des Jahres  rewarded extraordinary board games, through years. Among them:

  • Rummikub (SdJ 1980)
  • Scotland Yard (SdJ 1983)
  • Sherlock Holmes Detective Conseil (SdJ 1985)
  • Catan (SdJ 1995)
  • El Grande (SdJ 1996)
  • Carcassonne (SdJ 2001)
  • Ticket to Ride (SdJ 2004)
  • Dixit (SdJ 2010)
  • Hanabi (SdJ 2013)

The Spiel des Jahres jury consists solely of journalists who specialize in game reviews, have worked for extended periods for newspapers, magazines. The selection criteria are the game idea, the game rules and the presentation.

Thus Colt Express is a nominne for the Red Token, Spiel des Jahres 2015. Beside it, two other games: Machi Koro  published by Kosmos and The Game published by NSV.

The winner will be known on the Monday 6th of July in Berlin. I may as well tell you that the upcoming weeks will be long.

Whatever the result is, this nomination is for us (and for Christophe and Jordi) an amazing adventure. It makes us measure the progress made since 2010 and our first game Offering. We are proud of it and we hope that it will go on as long as possible.

We count on your support until July. And if… Colt Express becomes the Spiel des Jahres… Such happiness!!!

Colt Express – As d’Or jeu de l’Année 2015

Last Thursday, on the 26th of February 2015, the As d’Or reward ceremony took place in Cannes with more than 300 professional attendees. This is the most important French reward for games. Four prizes were allotted by the jury:

  • The As d’Or Enfant (Kids), for La Chasse aux Gigamons published by Elemon games
  • The As d’Or Grand Prix, for Five Tribes published by Days of Wonder
  • The As d’Or Prix du Jury, for Loony Quest, published by Libellud


  • and lastly The As d’Or – Jeu de l’Année 2015 allotted to Colt Express !

We felt very moved by the hearty applause when we came on the stage. Christophe Raimbault (the designer) and Jordi Valbuena (the artist) were by our side to receive the prize that rewards our team’s work. We, Ludonaute, are thankful to the jury for the acknowledgement of our commitment and our passion.

You can watch the ceremony here:

The As d’Or giving is at 97:00 :-)

What is going on now?

We are honored to get this reward and we have to make it valuable.

In France, we’ll see in the next few months if there is an the impact on the sales.

Colt Express will benefit more visibility in the media. It is already distributed in more than 15 countries world wide.

Ludonaute at Cannes’ festival


Previews? Yes we Cannes!

And its first expansion!

Colt Express will be presented in Cannes at several booths:

– on the As d’Or booth, with Ludocortex team

– on Asmodee’s booth, in a over-sized version and in Real life :-)

– on our booth (at the end of the line 16, in front of tric Trac booth) with the prototype of the first expansion.

The designer of the game, Christophe Raimbault, will be there all the fair along for signing sessions and testing sessions.


If you are there on the Friday, you may have the chance to meet Jordi Valbuena, the artist, who will sign your box with pleasure.

An expansion? What is it about?

In the prototype you will test next week at our booth, you can find:

– horses, because riding next to the train, this is fun!

– prisoners and a new car

– hostages and a stagecoach

– the way to play the Marshall, alone against all the others :-)


This expansion will be released in Essen Spiel ; thus we are still adjusting some rules and we need your feedbacks to make the game better.

Another version of the story of the Corps of Discovery!

If you read the designer diary of Lewis & Clark game, you know that we had to leave a large part of the story aside.


A year ago, Cédrick Chaboussit  showed us a new game, with the same background as Lewis & Clark, the Expedition, but with dice this time!

This is a shorter game than Lewis, but that needs brain too ;-)

That special game will be released at GenCon next summer, but we’ll have a playable prototype next week in Cannes, with the first drawings from Vincent Dutrait.

A new game by Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala !

Yes, it is! A NEW game about the Little Prince, more specifically about the animated feature film, due to be release this summer.

This time, no need to build a planet but rather go for a journey into the stars.

You can click to watch the trailer of the film.

The game aims casual gamers and families, but with some clever switches (you know Bruno, right? ;-))

You can play it in preview at our booth.

Regarding The Little prince – Make me a planet, we shall settle the final round of the “Ligue”. It will happen on Sunday the 1st of march, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, at Asmodee’s booth.

“Ligue Petit Prince” finals

Back from Nürnberg

Last week the International Toy Fair took place in Nürnberg (Germany). I spent two days there, meeting distribution partners and manufacturers.


It started with a 5 hours travel by plane, via Amsterdam, tiny snowflakes welcoming me and mingling with a cosmopolite crowd, men in suits and women wearing high heels.

At Asmodee’s booth, Colt Express featured prominently next to the upcoming hits Loony Quest and Elysium.

Some thoughts……


The year 20015 will see the wave of Star Wars. Each corner in each booth of the fair showed by-products of the blockbuster to be release in December.

Game industry is not outdone. Asmodee for instance will make a Star wars version of Bombyx’ Timeline.

Regarding other licencing products, let’s name Marvel and Frozen. Olaf will stand next to superheroes on the shelves in the next few months.

For me, those two days ended with my first Asmodee Gaming night.

An upper-class hotel in Nürnberg’s center was the meeting place. Champagne and “petits-fours” were served to the guests: Asmodee’s partners, subsidiaries and publishers.

Then was the test: the presentation of our upcoming games Discoveries and The little Prince. Eleven tables with 6 or 7 potential buyers and only seven minutes each time to convince them.

At the end, it went well thanks to Christelle, Estelle and Alexis.

Des cartes goodies pour Lewis & Clark

Des célébrités du monde du jeu participent à l’Expédition

Comment ? Pourquoi ? Pour qui ?

Cela fait presqu’un an (10 mois exactement) que Lewis & Clark a fait son apparition sur la scène ludique. Nous avons voulu marquer sa présence à la Gen Con ainsi que le premier anniversaire du jeu lors du prochain salon d’Essen en éditant 4 cartes spéciales.
Et puisque les personnages historiques avaient déjà tous été utilisés pour le jeu de base, nous nous sommes tournés vers des personnalités du monde du jeu que nous apprécions particulièrement. Nous leur avons proposé de créer une carte à leur nom, dont l’effet serait un clin d’oeil à leurs mécaniques ludiques. Ils nous ont fait l’honneur d’accepter et nous les remercions du fond du coeur pour le plaisir qu’ils nous (vous) donnent.

La première carte sera disponible à Essen, sur notre stand. Il suffira de venir nous la demander avec un sourire. Les trois autres seront distribuées par Asmodée US aux boutiques américaines d’ici la fin de l’année. Pour ceux qui n’auront pas la chance de participer au Spiel’14 ou d’habiter aux USA, ces goodies seront mis à la disposition des joueurs via BGG store ou la boutique Tric Trac dans les prochains mois.

Cédrick Chaboussit

goodies card.indd

Changez l’une des cases du parcours située devant votre Eclaireur en utilisant les pions Parcours supplémentaires fournis dans la boite du jeu. Vous pouvez ainsi transformer une case de Montagne en case de Rivière et réciproquement.

Cédrick étant le créateur du jeu, il a tout à fait le droit de changer le parcours comme bon lui semble, surtout si cela peut embêter ses adversaires.

Uwe Rosenberg

goodies card.indd

Placez sur cette carte une ressource primaire en provenance d’un de vos bateaux. A la fin de la prochaine phase de campement, après que votre jeton Camp aura rejoint votre Eclaireur, reprenez cette ressource sur vos bateaux ainsi qu’une ressource supplémentaire du même type en provenance du stock. Cette action peut être réalisée plusieurs fois en utilisant des ressources identiques ou différentes.

Vous aurez reconnu ici un petit clin d’oeil à la mécanique de plantation d’Agricola.

Antoine Bauza et Bruno Cathala

goodies card.indd

Prenez, au hasard dans les stocks, 2 ressources primaires par joueur présent autour de la table. (Dans une partie à trois joueurs, prenez 6 ressources primaires : par exemple 2 fourrures, 1 bois et 3 nourritures.) Vous pouvez garder pour vous jusqu’à deux de ces ressources et les placer sur vos bateaux. Puis donnez les ressources restantes au joueur de votre choix, qui peut en garder jusqu’à deux pour lui. Il donne ensuite les ressources restantes au joueur de son choix et ainsi de suite, jusqu’à ce que tous aient été servis.

S’il vous plait… fabrique-moi une planète !

Martin Wallace

goodies card.indd

Reculez votre éclaireur de deux cases sur le parcours et prenez, au choix, un Canoë ou un Cheval dans les stocks. Il est interdit de reculer votre éclaireur en aval de Saint Louis par cette action.

Emprunter pour mieux réussir, une des leçons des jeux de Wallace, non ?

Lewis & Clark : Addendum

After players’ feedbacks, we found that a “hang back and tech up” strategy could be played. This runs counter the “game spirit”.
We decided to add the rule below (last step of the Camp phase). This solves the problem.

When you set up your Camp, if your Scout is on the last space of the route (5 steps downriver from Saint Louis), then get rid of all the resources and all the Indians (to the Pow Wow area) that are on your boats. Discard all the Encountered Character cards you may have recruited since the beginning of the game.

However get back the starting character cards you may have discarded.

2014, a wonderful year for Ludonaute

About being visible

A great surprise has made me smile since this morning. SOS Titanic has been highly recommended by Spiel des Jahres 2014 Jury. This news makes us so happy. We had never considered it possible.
Spiel de Jahres announcement


The German Jury made us a great gift. Thumbs up to Bruno and Ludovic. It brings our game SOS Titanic to light again. Despite the game had great reviews since it was released, it went quite unnoticed among all the released games. So, we are very happy today!
With Lewis & Clark nominee to the French award “As d’Or” and The Little Prince big success, we have to admit that the year 2013 has been a great turning point for Ludonaute.


Working on reprints takes a big part of our time. Thus 2014 will see less Ludonaute novelties. We shall release only one game this year: Colt Express designed by Christophe Raimbault. But originality and quality will no doubt characterize this game as well. We do not want to desappoint your expectations :-).