The lockdown’s Enigmas

During this lockdown we had a lot of fun creating some riddles for you, precisely four, more or less complicated around our key games. Who kidnapped Rosie, the Sheriff poodle in Colt Express? Who won the Lewis & Clark game? Who sent a secret love letter to Thor or Who married Skadi in Yggdrasil Chronicles? These were the little ‘brain killer’ games for this fleeting lethargy and we have gathered them here with their solution.

Enigma 1 • Who kidnapped Rosie, the Sheriff’s poodle?

In the world of Colt Express

Enigma 2 • A hidden love on Yggdrasil

In the world of Yggdrasil Chronicles

Enigma 3 • Off to conquer the Wild West

Enigma 4 • The amazing wedding of Skadi

In the world of Yggdrasil Chronicles

Colt Super Express… What are the differences with Colt Express?


Colt Express

From 10 years old

2 to 6 players

40 minutes

October 2014

Colt Super Express

From 8 years old

3 to 7 players

15 minutes

June 2020

Colt Super Express is a new game, it is neither an extension nor a mini version of Colt Express. The Colt Express universe remains but the mechanics, the goal and the sensations change.

So in concrete terms, what are the differences with Colt Express?

The main change in our opinion takes place in the gameplay. Playing to collect loots in order to become the wealthiest or playing to kick other bandits out of the train in order to remain the last man standing changes completely the strategy, the attitude and the feeling of the player. The other players are direct enemies, their actions have immediate consequences and the elimination is irreversible. If you get out of the train, whatever the reasons, you’ve lost. With Colt Super Express, it’s the wicked side that we will appreciate. The timeliness of the games augments this feeling. Every step is going faster in this new game, the programming is only 3 cards per player, the rounds are shorter, the game can stop at any time and at each turn a train car unhooked reducing the possibility to save yourself. When you lose, the urge to take revenge is really strong which is a real asset for this game.

There are also “technical” changes. The 3D cardboard train has been replaced by cards which make it easy to carry. Note for the lovers of the 3D train: it will be possible to play with it! Unlike Colt Express, this new game is played exclusively face down, which will spice up your attack plan. The surprise effect is guaranteed! Try to read well in other bandit’s games. Figures now have an orientation, you can only move and shoot in one direction. A new Flip card has appeared to allow you to change of direction. The position and orientation of your figure has become very important. Besides, the bandits no longer have their own power, everyone plays on the same bases.

In conclusion, between bluff and deduction Colt Super Express is a 15-minute Battle Royale that will make you want to revenge!

Essen 2019 – Chronicles of a festival foretold

In just over a month will open the doors of the International Spieltage 2019, better known as Essen. It is therefore time to reveal what the Ludonaute team has prepared for the boardgame Messe from 24 to 27 October in Germany.


Pay honour to whom honour is due!

Let’s start by the new Ludonaute release.

After exploring a system of exoplanets using space gates, Cédric Lefebvre returns after a long journey to the borders of Valhalla to present us his new game, Yggdrasil Chronicles, which you can discover in preview on our stand.

This new boardgame is placed in the same universe of Nordic mythology as Yggdrasil, and takes again the collaborative type and the unique objective: to repel the enemies to save the World Tree. For the rest, it’s a brand-new game that has designed Cédric, with a new gameplay, different game modes (solo, for 2 players, campaign of 6 scenarios) and immersive equipment including a 3D-tree with turning World-trays. Everything is magnificently sublimated by the illustrations of Maeva Da Silva and Christine Deschamps.

Have you always dreamed of playing a Nordic God?

Our animated team composed of Lola, Jennyfer, Philippe, Henderikuus and Eric will explain you in French, English or German, how to fight Loki and his companions in this epic quest with sweet scent of Asgard mists.

Want to know more about Yggdrasil Chronicles? it’s here.

Want to meet the author and the illustrators?

They will be happy to welcome you and sign your boxes:

  • Thursday, October 24 from 14h to 16h
  • Friday, October 25 from 11h to 13h and from 14h30 to 16h30
  • Saturday, October 26 from 11h to 13h

But that’s not all

If you missed the first shuttles to Odyssey Station, additional flights were added to help you discover the exo-planets system the Confederations are trying to colonize. The good news does not arrive alone as our scientists have discovered the existence of a new exo-planet, Barrau, of which we know very little for the moment, except that its surface seems in eternal movement.

Do you have the soul of an explorer-colonizer? Space Gate Odyssey will be available on our tables during the whole festival.

You spent the last months in cryogenisation? Space Gate Odyssey, that’s it.

Want to know more about Barrau? Just take a look at our scientists report.

And as Christmas approached, the Santa Claus Elf boarded the Colt Express to deliver his gifts to the train driver who deserved them. Will our favorite Bandits help him in his task or, on the contrary, do everything to prevent him from reaching the locomotive?

Want to know what surprise does the Santa Claus Elf have in store for you? Gift !

To conclude…

Pre-sales for Essen are now open on the Ludonaute website and will have to be collected at our booth during the festival. You will also be able to buy the games & Goodies on our Booth.

We propose

  • Yggdrasil Chronicles
  • Space Gate Odyssey and the Barrau exo-planet goodie
  • Santa Claus Elf goodie for Colt Express


Let’s visit us on the Ludonaute booth @Hall 3 – K113 !