The 2022 Ludonaute Games

New year, vast program! This year we explore heterogeneous universes, styles and difficulties. We offer you a sunny start into the world of Sinbad and the legends of the 1001 Nights with 1001 Islands, a redesign of Little Prince – Make me a planet that has not been available for several years. Then we leave Middle East to get to a land we all know well now, in the Wild West, with the new extension – the best – of Colt Express. A second train passes by the Union Pacific and is carrying secret documents. Stealing them is ensuring a juicy reward… It’s now your turn to play, Bandits! Then we take you into a post-apocalyptic world, on the Great River, for a surprising and immersive game. Three game modes: competitive, cooperative, and in team will allow you to embody a mutant to save what’s left of humanity. We told you… A vast program.

1. 1001 Islands

Daughters and Sons of Sinbad, it’s your turn to make us dream… Explore the 1001 Islands and find the marvelous hidden treasures!

  • 💡 Antoine Bauza & Bruno Cathala
  • 🎨 Marie Cardouat
  • 🎂 7 +
  • 👥 2 – 5 players
  • ⌛ 30 minutes
  • 🗓️ Q2 2022
  • 🗣️ French, English, Spanish, Italian, German

First game of this year 2022 is 1001 Islands, a game by Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala, illustrated by Marie Cardouat. Family-friendly and interactive, easy to set up and understand – while remaining teasing -, with beautiful illustrations, 1001 Islands is for the whole family.

The game: You, children of Sinbad, set yourselves a new challenge to explore the 1001 islands and find the treasures of your father, this great sailor. You’ve been dreaming of elephants, fennecs, Rokhs birds and other exotic animals, magnificent gems and magic lamps since you were kids, listening to countless travel stories….

Draw as many tiles as there are players, keep one for yourself, give the remaining ones to the player of your choice who does the same. The last player cannot choose their tile but starts the next round. Two types of tiles make up the game, the Island tiles which show animals, precious stones, bandits and magic lamps, and the Dream tiles which allow you to score points thanks to the elements visible on the Island tiles you have chosen. Match them the best as you can to score the most points. So, who among you will know how to create the most incredible island?

2. Colt Express : 2 Trains & 1 Mission

A second train, top secret documents to steal, but still the same Mission: to become the richest in the Wild West!

  • 💡 Christophe Raimbault
  • 🎨 Jordi Valbuena
  • 🎂 10+
  • 👥 3 – 8 players
  • ⌛ 50 minutes
  • 🗓️ Q3 2022
  • 🗣️ French, English, German, Spanish…

We keep on with the new expansion of Colt Express: 2 Trains & 1 Mission geniously by the talented duo formed by Christophe Raimbault and Jordi Valbuena. With this new expansion, Colt Express takes a new turn… A second train, a team mode, new action, new Loot, new Bandits and above all, a good dose of laughter await you.

The game: When the train of Colt Express crosses the Union Pacific which carries precious top secret documents, our famous bandits don’t hesitate for a second … They jump from train to train and play as a team to try to rob them. But beware, the shotguns roam and the Gatling on the roof does not bode well.

5 Rounds to best program your Actions, to steal, shoot, punch, help your team, to become the richest team in the Wild West! Or not !

3. Precognition

Embark on the Great River and use your faculties of Precognition to save as many survivors as possible!

  • 💡 Julien Prothière
  • 🎨 Sébastien Caiveau
  • 🎂 12+
  • 👥 2 – 4 players
  • ⌛ 60 minutes
  • 🗓️ Q4 2022
  • 🗣️ French, English, German, Spanish…

Our last game of this year is designed by Julien Prothière and illustrated by Sébastien Caiveau. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where mutants with the power of precognition decide to save what is left of humanity. On the Great River towards a protected island which they have sensed the presence, they rescue and treat the survivors but wicked waves are not long in falling on them…

The game: One goal: to embark and save as many Humans as possible during our journey. For this, Ymunes and Humans will have to collaborate. The journey promises to be difficult, the territories to be crossed will be hostile … We know that downstream the plagues sweep away everything in their path. We know there will be other dangers as well, which some will die of. But we are confident, we believe in our faculties of Precognition.

In Precognition, in order to win, you truly anticipate the future. The understanding a new card allocation mechanism, which we have named Dual Select System, is essential. This game mechanic, in addition to being innovative, fits perfectly with the theme because, among the two cards that you will let pass, one of them will come back to you on the next turn. It’s up to you to make the right choices. Precognition also has the advantage of being played as well with 2 as with 3 or 4, cooperatively, competitively or as teams.


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