The 2021 Ludonaute Games

Soooo? What’s coming out at Ludonaute this year?

New year, vast program! Since we can no longer travel, we first invite you to explore the globe so you may discover the entrance to a lost world with Lost Explorers. Then we leave Earth and fly into space to protect the C-64 planet from the ongoing Creeper attack with Star Clicker. Hurry, Max, Lily, Brian and Wendy need you! As summer arrives, we allow you to reveal your artistic talent and most of all, to have a good laugh with your friends thanks to What’s Missing? Purple Edition. And, finally, we take you to meet some beautiful and powerful animals that will help you protect the Forest from Onibi’s flammes with Living Forest. We told you, a vast program.

1. Lost Explorers

Adventurers, get ready! You may be about to discover a Lost World…

  • 💡 Cédrick Chaboussit
  • 🎨 Christine Deschamps
  • 🎂 10 yo+
  • 👥 2 to 4 players
  • ⌛ 40 minutes
  • 🗓️ 2 April 2021 (France)
  • 🗣️ English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish

We start the year in style with the beautiful Lost Explorers of Cédrick Chaboussit, illustrated by Christine Deschamps, which will be released on April the 2nd in France! The setup of this game is very quick with its book-box and its simple rules can be explained in a few minutes but beware, under its false airs of simplicity, it will make your brains burn. We did not expected less from Monsieur Lewis & Clark.

The game: Your mission? Find before others the entrance to the Lost World discovered by two famous explorers! Who doesn’t dream of setting foot on a secret land…? You are at the head of an expedition and, from Venice, you send some members of your team to investigate all over the world while others are getting vehicles to get there. You also have two expedition leaders who have the onerous task of analyzing the results of this research. They walk on the tracks of the two explorers and, each new clue makes them get closer to the secret entrance…

2. Star Clicker

Come on, get to your Spaceships to save the planet C-64 from the ongoing Creeper attack!

  • 💡 Christophe Raimbault
  • 🎨 GYOM
  • 🎂 8 yo+
  • 👥 2 to 4 players
  • ⌛ 40 minutes
  • 🗓️ June 2021
  • 🗣️ English, French, German

We continue with the brand new game from Christophe Raimbault, father of Colt Express, who returns with the intergalactic Star Clicker illustrated by GYOM. This cooperative game in which you play children from another galaxy is made for the whole family and promises you a great immersion. With its comics at the start of the rules, its 3D dashboards and buttons you will press to operate your Spaceship, it’s as if you were there! You will feel invested with a mission: to save this planet.

The game: Explore the surroundings to find and destroy the 8 Creeper Jammers so that the self-defense mode of your planet C-64 makes short work of the invaders. Because yes, Your parents away, the sneaky enemy Creepers take the opportunity to attack you, believing you to be defenseless! To move or shoot, press the buttons on your Spaceship but be careful to press the right ones. Not visible, it could well be that a few failed shots reach the pilots of your team…

3. What’s Missing? Purple Edition

Draw anything you want… Except the answer!

  • 💡 Florian Sirieix
  • 🎨 Shanshan Zhu
  • 🎂 7 yo+
  • 👥 3 to 6 players
  • ⌛ 20 minutes
  • 🗓️ July 2021
  • 🗣️ English, French, Chinese

Some of you may already be familiar with What’s Missing?, this clever drawing game signed Florian Sirieix and illustrated by Shanshan Zhu released in 2020. It is back this year in a beautiful Purple Edition enriched with 240 new cards and an additional level of difficulty. Standalone, it can also be combined with the first edition, thus doubling the fun and the number of players.

The game: Pick a card, slip it under the transparent sheet of your sketch pad and, instead of representing the image of your card, draw all around the elements that place it in an environment, a context. This will help other players find what you haven’t drawn! To win, being smart is more important than being a good artist… The four difficulty levels allow you to play with the whole family.

4. Living Forest

Protect the forest and save its sacred tree from the grip of Onibi’s terrible flames!

  • 💡 Aske Christiansen
  • 🎨 Apolline Etienne
  • 🎂 8 yo+
  • 👥 2 to 4 players
  • ⌛ 40 minutes
  • 🗓️ October 2021
  • 🗣️ English, French

How better end the year than with the magnificent illustrations by Apolline Etienne which give Living Forest, a game by Aske Christiansen, the tribute it deserves? Its fluid and original mechanics, alloy of Push your luck and Deck building, its immersive theme, the beauty of the material and this little desire at the end of a game to start another one all make it a great game!

The game: you play a Spirit of Nature trying to save the Forest and its sacred Tree from Onibi’s relentless attacks. You have one of three ways to do this: by planting 12 different Protective Trees, by collecting 12 Sacred Flowers to awaken Sanki the great Guardian of the Forest, by extinguishing 12 Fires to permanently repel Onibi. But you’re not alone in this task, Guardian Animals have come together around the Circle of Spirits where you progress to help you. Each turn, they bring some precious elements and if you manage to combine a good team of Guardian Animals, you can perform actions optimally. But beware, some of them are solitary and do not like to meet other fellows


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