The lockdown’s Enigmas

During this lockdown we had a lot of fun creating some riddles for you, precisely four, more or less complicated around our key games. Who kidnapped Rosie, the Sheriff poodle in Colt Express? Who won the Lewis & Clark game? Who sent a secret love letter to Thor or Who married Skadi in Yggdrasil Chronicles? These were the little ‘brain killer’ games for this fleeting lethargy and we have gathered them here with their solution.

Enigma 1 • Who kidnapped Rosie, the Sheriff’s poodle?

In the world of Colt Express

Enigma 2 • A hidden love on Yggdrasil

In the world of Yggdrasil Chronicles

Enigma 3 • Off to conquer the Wild West

Enigma 4 • The amazing wedding of Skadi

In the world of Yggdrasil Chronicles


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