Lewis & Clark – The Expedition: an Upgrade Kit for its 2020 reprint

For this year 2020 reprint of Lewis & Clark – The Expedition we offer you an Upgrade Kit for Print & Play – see below – to enable you, who already own the game, to enjoy the latest changes.

Plus a nice Upgrade Kit will be released by the end of 2020.

Upgrade kit → Pimp my boardgame

  1. Put aside your Camp tokens, pick some twenty random tokens and transform them into Time tokens – See rules p.1 (of course in the new game they will be much more beautiful)
  2. Take your Boat tiles and play only with the front part, only with the sides with 2 resources and 1 Indian (the others were of no use anyway).
  3. On the board, look at the starting point at Saint Louis, can you see it? Well there is no river spaces downstream. Yes, yes, there are none, you no longer see them, no these spaces are not what you see.
  4. Last thing, look at the flag at Fort Clatsop or more precisely at the spaces after the flag. On the space right after there is nothing, on the one still after there is a ‘1’, then a ‘2’ on the next one, then a ‘3’, then a ‘4’ and so on to infinity (yes I know your board is not that big, but normally 5-6 spaces will be enough)
  5. Finally, download, print and cut the Cards file below and, with transparent sleeves, update your deck of cards by replacing the characters that have changed (we also have clarified some icons but as you’ve been playing this game for years, we won’t bother with that).
Here it is, your new Lewis & Clark – The Expedition ready to play. You can download the new rules and play!

Previous Board


New Board

What has changed in the rules

There are no more Camp tokens! Instead, when you camp, you get as many Time tokens as lost time (addition of all the little suns).

Then, when it comes to moving forward towards the next river or mountain space, before actually moving you must spend as many appropriate moves (mountain or river) as you have Time tokens, in order to discard them. It is only when you have no more Time tokens that you can really move forward.

Another tiny change, you never count the race spaces occupied by other players, you simply jump over them.

Last point, when you set up camp outside Fort Clatsop, you only win if you have less Time tokens than the imaginary number you saw earlier on the board (0 on the space right after the flag, 1 on the next space, then 2, etc.). If you have too many Time tokens you keep on playing until you establish your camp again with a sufficiently low number of Time tokens or until another player does it before you and that the victory flies over your head.


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