Yggdrasil Chronicles, how to survive the prophetic Ragnarok?

Do you want to know more about the scenari of the book of sagas presented in Yggdrasil Chronicles? You are on the right page. The Book of Sagas “which sings the twilight of the Gods” takes you into the heart of Norse mythology where you will have to fight monsters, take up challenges and finally try to survive the ultimate Ragnarok! The Ragnarok campaign in the game consists in 6 acts: The assassination of Baldr, the Fimbulvert, the Managarms, the apparatus of Naglfar, the fall of the Bifrost, The final battle on the plain of Vigrid…

Ragnarok, in mythology

A prophecy says that one day, when Fenrir the giant wolf chained by Odin will be released, the Giants and the Gods will fight each other in a final battle. This will lead to the end of the worlds as we know but also to a renewal. This day will be named Ragnarök or the Twilight of the Gods… Unlike the game, the Norse prophecy cannot be avoided! The Gods and Giants, they all know that this day will come when they will kill each other. This way their lifetime goal is to push back this moment as much as possible without taking too much risks. Indeed, the Norse Gods are not immortal! So in their relentless battle against the Giants of the lower worlds of the Yggdrasil, they mostly repel them, fearing for their lives. But the forces of evil are on the march and the final battle is coming anyway…

• The death of Baldr (Saga 1)

The Ragnarok will begin with the murder of Balder… Son of Odin and Frigg, god of Love and Light, he is loved by all! One day he starts having nightmares and sees himself dying so he tells his parents. Not knowing what to do, Odin looks for the ghost of a giant clairvoyant woman living in Hel’s domain. She tells him that Balder is doomed and even Odin cannot help it. Frigg does not accept his son’s fate… She makes a long list of all the harmful and dangerous things and visits the Nine Worlds to make each being and each thing swear to never hurt Balder. Fire, water, stones, metals, plants, birds and diseases bend to his will. In order to test Balder’s invulnerability, the gods find a new funny game: throwing  at him all sorts of things and see them spinning around safely. But Loki is jealous of Balder… Dressed up like an old woman he questions Frigg about this new invulnerability and she recognizes that, perhaps, a small plant in the West of Valhalla has not made the promise: “An insignificant sprig of mistletoe”. Full of hatred, Loki finds this plant and makes an arrow with it. He joins the gods still playing, asks Hoder the blind brother of Balder if he wants to play too and offers him the arrow of mistletoe… He guides the hand of the blind and the arrow pierces the heart of Balder who falls… Dead.

• The Managarms (Saga 3)

The gods finally find out Loki’s trickery and punish him for the death of Baldr. They transform Vali, Loki’s son, into a wolf to devour Narve, his other son. Once dead, Narve’s guts are transformed into a rope so that Thor can tie Loki to a rock in a cave with it. The Gods, not only content for having caught Loki, charge a serpent to indefinitely spit its venom on the traitor’s face in order to inflict him horrible suffering. But Loki ends up freeing himself after years of chain and takes his revenge launching the final war against the Gods. He gathers the demons, the Giants and his own children: the dreadful serpent Jormungandr, Hel the goddess of the world of the dead and the giant wolf Fenrir. Fenrir breaks his chains and this is the beginning of the prophecy, the Ragnarok begins. Fenrir mates with an old giantess in a remote forest in the East who gives birth to a litter of monstrous wolves. One, Skoll, is constantly chasing the Sun while his brother Hati is chasing the Moon. They both end up devouring the stars which completely disappear… The consequences are very serious: the world is deprived of the clear rays of the Sun and a terrible winter starts dominating the world.

• The Fimbulvert (Saga 2) or the Great Winter

Snow is covering all points of the horizon. In these very difficult living conditions wars break out in all places, between all men, even between brothers, between parents and children. This winter lasts three years and it is terrible. The Ases and the mortals are then warned of the final battle of the Ragnarök by Heimdall who blows in his horn Gjallarhorn. The great war is about to begin.

• The departure of the Naglfar (Saga 4)

The Naglfar is a boat made from the nails of the dead. The giant Hrymr leads the Giants to Asgard on it to start the great battle. The Naglfar is carried by enormous waves caused by the very agitated movements of Jormungandr, the enormous serpent in Migard. All the armies of the lower Yggdrasil worlds are at the gates of Asgard.

• The Bifrost’s fall (Saga 5)

The violence caused by this gathering of monsters shatters the sky in two and when the horses of the Sons of Fire run over the Bifrost, which connects the earth to the domain of the gods, the rainbow bridge ignites and collapses…

• The final battle on the plain of Vigrid (Saga 6)

The battlefield has already been determined, the clashes will take place on the plain of Vigrid in Asgard, extending in front of Valhalla and measuring a thousand miles aside. Odin appears on the battlefield wearing a gold helmet and huge eagle wings, he holds in his left hand his famous lance Gungnir which never misses its target and rides its stallion Sleipnir which flies like a hurricane and place him at the head of his army. The great battle begins, the Ases succumb to the assault of their enemies: Fenrir with his huge mouth swallows Odin at the very beginning of the battle. To avenge him, his son Vidar advances towards Fenrir and skillfully thrusts his sword straight in the heart of Fenrir, killing the giant wolf.

Freyr fights in duel Surt the chief of the fire giants. He cannot resist the force of Surt’s sword and succumbs in this confrontation. Jormungandr emerges from his hiding place in the bottom of the Midgard Ocean and confronts Thor in a spectacular duel. Thor is powerful, he kills the snake using his great hammer with which he grinds the serpent’s skull. But as he moves away from his already dead enemy, at the ninth step, he falls too, poisoned by the enormous amount of venom that the giant snake has spit in the air and in the sea…

Loki is looking for his old enemy Heimdall. He finds, fights and kills him but quickly succumbs to the blows and injuries made by his opponent. Tyr who once lost his right hand, sliced by Fenrir’s bite to allow the other gods to tie him up, searches for this mutilating opponent in the battlefield but Fenrir is already dead. Then, hearing the frightening howls of Garm the guardian dog of the entrance to Hell, he decides to fight him. Tyr, with his left hand, sticks his sword in his heart and kills him but quickly he also succumb to the terrible bites inflicted during the fight…

Few living things remain alive at the end of the final battle… And finally, these  surviving humans, animals or plants are wiped out by the fire launched from all sides by the flame sword of the fire giant Surt. The mountains collapse and all the seas and rivers overflow covering all the surfaces of the worlds, including the final battlefield of the gods… So we hope that you will be a little luckier than the Norse gods and that you will succeed to elude the Ragnarok prophecy.


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