GIFT!! A new Yggdrasil Chronicles scenario for free

Let it go, let it go
Will I never go out again?
Let it go, let it go
Turn my back and play a board game.

To combat our modern Ragnarok under the name of Covid-19, to overcome boredom at home, we offer you an additional Yggdrasil Chronicles scenario: The Utgardloki’s Challenges. We warn you, it’s tough!

Have fun.

The Ludonaute Team

CROKI P17 copie

But who is this Utgardloki?

Utgardloki is one of the most important Ice Giants in Jotunheim. From his fortress in Utgardhall in the province of Utgard, he has always sought to unite the Ice Giants under his authority in order to overthrow Asgard but has failed so far in this area.

One day Thor and Loki go to Jotunheim. From the top of his Fortress, Utgardloki challenged Thor to complete 3 tasks:
• defeat an old lady,
• raise the paw of a cat,
• drink the mead horn to the last drop.

But Thor could not achieve any of them. As Great Master of the Illusion, Utgardloki had rigged the trials. No old lady but Elli, the personnification of old age that no one can beat. No Paw of cat but but the tail of Iormungand, the sea serpent of Midgard. And a mead horn directly connected with the ocean that Thor could not empty.


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