The Odyssey Command Station

« A certain excitement was beginning to reign in all the control rooms at Odyssey Station. The engineers of the various Confederations followed one another in a frenzied rhythm at the control stand to send their orders. In one corner, a chief engineer, recognizable by his suit, was talking to his team to try to anticipate the next orders of his competitors. Further on, other engineers would suddenly run and leave the room, surely to reinforce the presence of their confederation in another part of the orbital station. And what about robots that moved in a technological choreography of surgical precision to position themselves closer to the stand… »

All confederations are on the starting blocks. Their engineers are working within the Odyssey control station to develop and pilot the construction of the space stations hosting the portals, gateways to exoplanets. The race towards the new system will begin soon. You know what remains to do if you want to become the most influential leader of Space Gate Odyssey.

Some engineers

At your turn you can give instructions to expand your station, send in new settlers or deploy them to the structure.

To do this, choose one of your engineers and place it on the action stand of a room at Odyssey Station. Then perform the action as many times as you have engineers (twice per chief engineer) and robots present in the room. But the other Confederations are on the lookout. A tacit agreement between leaders authorizes each confederation to carry out the same action as you for the number of engineers and robots they have previously positioned in the same room.

Of course this arrangement also applies to you: it would be better to anticipate the blows of your opponents in order to take full advantage of the control rooms they activate in their turn. The robots are thus very useful to ensure a presence in the rooms that seem strategic for the development of your orbital station.

Some modules

The first available action  is to add a module to your station. The space worksite offers three types: space gate, airlock and Odyssey modules. All the modules are declined by field (Wildlife, Water and Energy).

  • Space Gate modules allow to send settlers groups on the Exoplanet hosting the corresponding Space Portal. As soon as a portal is filled, the settlers are immediately teleported to the sites chosen by your Confederation.
  • The Airlock modules are used to welcome new settlers sent from the Earth into your space station.
  • Odyssey modules allow you to recruit engineers or robots to increase your capacity of action in the Odyssey control station.

Once you’ve chosen a module, connect it to your orbital station by at least one corridor. Corridors may remain open to the void for a future extension however your engineers advise you not to abuse it. The newly acquired module is however not viable (ON) until a settler has come to supply energy.

You should place your modules as wisely as possible, especially Odyssey ones which once open are just empty spaces. Depending on their position in your base, they can significantly lengthen the way of the settlers from the Airlock to Space Gate Modules.

And some settlers

The second action you can do is to host settlers in your space station to speed up construction and increase your settlement capacity. The settlers arrive by the Airlock modules which contain a limited number of places. Whenever you do the action, choose an Airlock module and fill it with settlers. Make sure you have empty airlocks if you want to maximize this action.

Finally the third action you can realize is to move the settlers within the space station to activate off modules or join the space gates. But moves can only be done between adjacent modules that matches the field of the activated control room: Water, Wildlife or Energy. Every move between 2 modules counts as an action. The position of the modules then becomes important.

As soon as a settler reaches an unactivated module (OFF), he activates it and goes back to your supply. The module is then returned without changing the orientation of its corridors. If the activated module is an Odyssey one you gain the corresponding enhancement within the Odyssey station.

  • Adding an engineer in the control room of your choice
  • Enhancing an engineer to chief engineer
  • Adding a robot in the room indicated on the module

To your plans!

You thought that only Leader skills would be enough to propel you into the Governor’s chair of Space Gate Odyssey?

Think again ! You will need to demonstrate an innate sense of orbital construction to assemble a functional and optimized space station. Fortunately you have a few months left to understand the principles of modular architecture …

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