Ludonaute team is growing up.

We published a job offer two months ago on this website. Indeed we were looking for a rare bird who could work on many topics, and with skills we do not have. We got many applications, and some of them were very good.

But we finally made up our mind very quickly and decided to hire Bruno Chevalier, our new business manager.

A short presentation is needed, not a resume but a few words to let you know more about the person you’ll often meet at Ludonaute’s booths.

Bruno has worked in Toys industry (not Games industry, but a very close field) for 19 years, as a business manager and a sales representative. As such, he knows a lot about manufacturing constraints, factories specificity, shipping solutions, customs, standards. He also has a complete network of contacts in distribution.

On the personal side, Bruno lives in the Paris region. He has two kind daughters, aged 5 and 8, with whom he naturally plays board games.

He is a huge fan of James Bond, Star wars, Tolkien. In his spare times, he plays the game master in role playing games. Well, he is a business man in a geek’s shoes.

By the way, Bruno was already taking part in Paris festival two weeks ago, and he couldn’t prevent himself from demoing Oh Captain!

This i a new step for our small company. Our team (Cédric Lefebvre, Ian Parovel, bruno Chevalier, Jos Lefebvre et moi-même) will go on preparing you surprises and great games!


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