Colt Express, Spiel des Jahres 2015

We’ve just live an unforgettable moment, a huge emotion and unlimited happiness. Indeed, yesterday in Berlin, Colt Express has been rewarded by the German Game of the Year prize.

With the As d’Or, awarded in Cannes, in February, the prestigious Spiel des Jahres is for our whole team (Ludonaute, Christophe Raimbault, Jordi Valbuena) a recognition.

In a room of the Hotel Kempinski, we gathered with a hundred people (journalists, publishers, game designers), all of them looking forward knowing the winners.

The wait is unsustainable and the Spiel des Jahres association knows how to make attendees become anxious, talking a lot in German, taking time to present every game.

First, the Kenner Spiel des Jahres is rewarded to Broom Service. The game is illustrated by Vincent Dutrait. We are happy for him.

We are a little bit sad for our fellow countrymen, the Space Cowboys.

Then the terrible time comes: the black curtain rises disclosing the winner box.

At this moment, my hear is beating like a drum, I’ve got sweaty palms and a frozen smile. There are two disappointed people and only one winner.

Even if we know that it is already a huge victory to have come this far, nevertheless, at the last minute, we believe we could win.

And suddenly, cries of joy shout and Colt Express yellow box appears, decorated with The red pawn!

What comes next is just a dream, shared with Christophe and Jordi. Kisses, congrats, some tears of joy too… What a wonderful path since the first game of « Pirates de l’Ouest » the prototype Christophe presented us two years ago.

Asmodee Germany team is thrilled. They deserve the reward too: their professionalism in distribution, the passion for the game has given Colt Express a good life in Germany.  We have been working with Carol Rapp and her team for a year now; she patiently explained us about her vision and how the German game market works. It is really a pleasure to have such partners.

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