A little trip in Berlin

The nomination to Spiel des Jahres has offered us the opportunity to come to Berlin for the first time. The whole Ludonaute team (Anne-Cécile, Cédric and Marinella) joined by Jordi Valbuena and Christophe Raimbault has taken off Nice on the morning, going to Berlin.

This was a unique opportunity to visit the German capital all together.

At 7:30 pm the Jury and all the nominees meet at a dinner in a hotel. Despite the high stakes, there is a great atmosphere.

Of course we meet our French colleagues: Sébastien Pauchon, Philippe Mouret, Jean-Christophe Giraud, Croc and the team of Asmodee GmbH: Carol Rapp, Robin de Cleur…

What’s funny during the evening is that no one knows the winner, except one jury. Alea Jacta est.

That makes things easier. We enjoyed the evening by playing table football, in the French way: that is with 2 balls and 8 players, changing their place each time a goal is scored.


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