A new game about Lewis and Clark: Discoveries

Do you like Lewis & Clark ? We do. This is the reason why we have welcomed Cédrick Chaboussit when he came back to us with a new game on this theme: Discoveries.

More than just an expansion of the first game, this one is a whole new adventure about the two explorers’ expedition (about which you know absolutely everything there is to know, of course).

While the first game was a race, this one is more focused on the exploration side. Discovering the territory, making a pact with the local tribes and an inventory of the natural species will be your main missions. To help you to do so, you will rely on your faithful companions, symbolized by dice.

The main interest in this game is the management of the dice’s flows, because you will be able to use yours as well as those of your opponents. Interaction and reflection will be the keys to victory.

Cédrick Chaboussit and Vincent Dutrait are still in charge, just let your wanderlust taking you away!



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