Over-sized Colt Express


Once upon a time in the Old West…

– The Colt express is here!

– From now, every man for himself!

– Oh Ghost look! it is shining in here !

– I am not here…

– I am Ghost…

– Let’s go!

– I must carry this suit case during the whole day. What rotten luck! I’m gonna let it in the locomotive, it will be safe here.

– Guys, what are you doing up there?!

– When you have to shoot, shoot,… don’t talk!

– Hep, Django, don’t mind if I stay in your back?

– I’m gonna shoot someone! He won’t see it happen.

– Come on Marshall, we could deal with this…

– No one will be above the law, and I am the law!

All change now!

As you have noticed, the over-sized copy of Colt Express is ready to be played.

A big Thank you to Dominique for his work and patience with the miniatures. You can have a look at his website here:

La petite Boutique de Zeblate


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